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FTC 13356 RoboForce

Taking innovation to the NEXT LEVEL.

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Robot design: Overview (Power Play)

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About Us

FTC Team 13356 RoboForce is an experienced youth robotics team in Fremont, California, competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge.  Our mission is to Inform, Inspire, and Innovate.  We strive to promote STEM education to K-12 students across the nation and around the world.  


Every year, we build and program a custom robot to tackle unique challenges in the FIRST TECH CHALLENGE game.  Our team applies scientific thinking, as well as knowledge in physics, math, and engineering skills to take leaps in original projects. Our drive to continually improve and creatively solve problems give us the opportunity to always Take Innovation to the Next Level.  

Check out our team members' bios here!

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Freight Frenzy (2021-22)

Power Play (2022-23)

est. 2019

30.1K ppl


15+ awards
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News & Events

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Power Play Season' 22:  South Bay League

A shout out to the League Coordinator from Kings Academy's FTC teams ...  Thank you!

RoboForce took a leap of faith and joined the 1st ever FTC League this season.  Met great alliances who have been marching alongside with us in this new frontier.  


Advanced to Regional Championship as the WAC for the Silicone Div. Ranked #2 in Norcal & Top 25 in the world. Only team with a record of 36-4 win-loss in the Norcal Leagues.


Maryland Tech Invitational 

MTI Rocks...So proud to be invited 2 years in a row, as well as the YOUNGEST team representing CA. In June 2023, our team again competed at this prestigious tournament hosted by John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Maryland. Ranked 15th against 40 of the most competitive teams in the world.  So fun meeting all of these world-class FTC robotics teams.


Congration to the champions and thanks to APL for hosting this event!

Tri-Valley Innovation Faire

On April 15th, exhibited a booth at the 5th annual Innovation Fair at Pleasanton.  Shared our work with other industry professionals & young families at this event. Taught kids learned how our robot works and how to operate our mini-bot on the game field.  Introduced FIRST robotics to many. Impacted about 450 adults and kids at this exhibit. Thanks to the Quest Science Center!

For more info on FIRST robotics, please visit:



Ongoing Projects

FTC Mentorship 

Our signature outreach project focuses on helping rookie and younger teams to grow in this new season.  We have applied our previous experience and knowledge in both technical and non-technical areas  to get them started and make improvements.  Currently, we are mentoring 18 teams, including 9 rookies and 2 very experienced teams from CA to Maryland & Texas.  We even reached out to a team at Lesotho in Africa.   Such a rewarding experience for us to see them thrive. 



Inspired by initiatve of "Team Helping Teams" during the pandemic. In the spirit of "Coopertition", RoboForce pioneered our first series of workshops to exchange ideas & share experiences with other veteran teams.  We promote learning from each other so that we could pass down info and advice to younger teams.  Examples of topics discussed:  

  • Game Strategy & Brainstorming 

  • Mechanical and Visual Odometry

  • TensorFlow Vs OpenCV

  • Engineering Portfolio

Such a great learning experience..can't wait to meet more teams next.


TinkerCAD Classes 

Free 3-day introductory TinkerCAD and 3D-printing classes, partnering with Code-For-Fun,our affiliate non-profit organization.

These follow-along classes were joined by attendees from all over the world via Zoom. Themes include: Winter Wonderland & Summer Fun.  Students created festive & beach scenes. Introduced the fundamentals of 3D printing to transform CAD design into actual extrusion.  Held a CAD design contest.  Winner had her design printed by our team. 

Hope the students had fun and we are looking forward to teaching more classes like these in the future. 

Past Projects

Bay Area Science Fair

Excited to be part of the Bay Area's largest annual science fair at the Oracle Arena since 2020.  It has over 30K attendees every year.  As an exhibitor, we designed an unique interactive game to let kids of all ages to drive a mini-bot.  Showcased our competitive robot during Show-N-Tell segments.  Introduced the general public to FIRST robotics.  Recruited new members to our team.  Our work was featured by the organizer.

Taiwan Robotics Classes 

Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 1.30.24 PM.png

Partnered with FTC 14473 Future to teach 160 sixth grade students in Taipei. Each class received 3 online interactive lessons on the basics of robotics, hardware, and software.  Included brainstorming activities, live demos, Kahoots, plus more!

The team learned importance of developing effective curriculum that :

  • Are engaging with hands-on activities

  • Could transcend language barriers through using Chinese subtitles, and leaving time for translation.


In the future, we hope to expand our curriculum to other regions where FIRST isn't as accessible.

Free EarSavers  

Our highlight project was distributing free ear savers for COVID-19 relief.

But first, what is an ear saver? An ear saver is an adjustable strap that is tied to a face mask to relieve the tension behind ears with prolonged use. Mostly worn by first responders and frontline essential workers. 

Donated more than 3,000 individual ear savers to more than 20 states free of charge, the team was proud to have spent over 2,000 hours printing, packaging, and shipping them to those who need it. 

FLL Curriculum 

RoboForce has extensive experience in FLL, a FIRST Robotics program geared towards younger grade levels. One of our goals in community outreach is to teach and mentor young kids who participate in the FLL Explore (2-4 grades) & Challenge (4-8 grades). So far, the team has mentored 6 FLL Challenge & 3 Explore teams.

For more content, subscribe to our YouTube channel, FTC RoboForce!  


2023-24: Center Stage


Past Seasons


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Our deepest gratitude to all of our sponsors... We couldn't do this without you. Thank you for your continued support! 

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Instagram: @roboforce_ftc

Facebook Page: @RoboForce.FTC

YouTube: FTC RoboForce 


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